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Seven Mindful Questions brings mindfulness to the stressed-out working professional who is juggling multiple priorities. Dr.Lisa knows this journey firsthand after she found herself in the emergency room with a heart rate in the 20’s totally due to stress, and began to question everything in her life. Those questions evolved into the self-help and change management tool, Seven Mindful Questions. Dr. Nezneski explains how to use the questions to become more present for what is happening in your life, stop wasting time, and focus on what matters. 



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Grounded in Chaos 

In what felt like an instant, Nezneski lost her home, life savings, a thirty-four-year marriage—and considered ending it all. Prayer, meditation, therapy, Reiki, journaling, and guardian angels kept her afloat. The Marines jogging shirtless on the beach by her house didn’t hurt, either. “Thank God for the shirtless Marine.” This is her journey from turmoil to tranquility, despair to self-care, chaos to clarity.


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