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Seven Mindful Questions:

Stop Wasting Time, Redirect Your Mind, Focus on What Matters

Seven Mindful Questions brings mindfulness to the stressed-out working professional who is juggling multiple priorities. Dr.Lisa knows this journey firsthand after she found herself in the emergency room with a heart rate in the 20’s totally due to stress, and began to question everything in her life. Those questions evolved into the self-help and change management tool, Seven Mindful Questions. Dr. Nezneski explains how to use the questions to become more present for what is happening in your life, stop wasting time, and focus on what matters.

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Seven Mindful Questions Workbook:

The Workbook was created to take a deep dive into what matters most to you and how to be more present for your life. The Workbook will assist you in examining what is and what is not working in your life—to make self-discoveries and gain insight to improve your circumstances.

The Workbook can stand on its own and you can derive benefit without ever reading Seven Mindful Questions. However, I invite you to use this workbook in conjunction with the book to deepen your practice.

Nothing is different until you are. Keep asking questions. This is your journey.

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“One of the Best on Mindfulness!”

“Lisa does a magnificent job of giving us (her readers) a clear, concise, broad-based, and extremely useful book on mindfulness and why it works so well. Whether it's the meatloaf or the meaning of life (quite a broad-spectrum) mindfulness is truly one of the keys to getting through. Her 7MQ (Seven Mindful Questions) are a simple, but deeply profound method. If you are new into mindfulness, read this book and get started. If you have been doing mindful meditation, read this book and I almost guarantee (unless maybe you're the Dali Lama) you will find ways to increase and improve your mindfulness. The questions start the process, the meditation exercises put it together, and her poems give examples from life. A great book!!”


“A great book for learning to be mindful”

“I don’t want to miss my life!” When I first read this line in the book, it completely resonated with me. I frequently find myself going through the day, and at the end of the day wondering what I actually accomplished. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to be more mindful of and grateful for all the moments of life.”


“Great questions for making sure you're not "missing your life!”

I can relate to the author's crisis and how it triggered the realization that she was "missing her life." I'm into mindfulness and love how the author shares her experiences (which I can relate to) and ties it into the action steps she is prescribing. I love that it's based on the number 7 (a divine number to me!) and also love the step down and back up analogy. That's also something I can relate to - how often I take a few steps up or down my stairs and realize I have forgotten something. It's a simple system with deep, meaningful information behind it and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It's something to keep on my nightstand to reread in small bits at the end of a busy day and I will do that!

-B. Erm

“Truly inspires you to live your life to the fullest!”

"I truly enjoyed reading this book and working through the accompanying workbook. Lisa has a way of really capturing what mindfulness really means in day-to-day application. Highly recommend!"

- Hannah J.

“The world needs this book right now”

“As the world adjusts to a new normal, the 7MQ process and thought pattern provides a powerful tool to ensure that we are mindful of what we are doing; why we are doing it; and why that matters so that we can make smarter choices. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is struggling with working from home and balancing all of your commitments or is looking for personal development around prioritisation and effective management of your own precious time”

- Mick S.

“A Good Practice”

“Easy to read, well thought out and can't wait to put it into practice. Lisa writes out in plain English what could be very difficult to understand principles. She uses real life examples with humility and compassion, which makes the subject matter very relatable. The 7 Mindful Questions is a practice that everyone should be using and living.”

- John R.

Grounded in Chaos:

Leaning into Adversity, Learning Joy

In what felt like an instant, Nezneski lost her home, life savings, a thirty-four-year marriage—and considered ending it all. Prayer, meditation, therapy, Reiki, journaling, and guardian angels kept her afloat. The Marines jogging shirtless on the beach by her house didn’t hurt, either. “Thank God for the shirtless Marine.” This is her journey from turmoil to tranquility, despair to self-care, chaos to clarity.

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“One of the most memorable books I've ever read!”

“This book touched my core. It's raw, it's real and the emotions prodded me on every single page. Author, I congratulate you for conveying a message so well. Must read for everyone who goes through bad stuff in life.”

- A.R.

“A Ray of Hope Inthe Dark!”

“Wow! What an inspirational journey to witness. This collection of poetry dove deep in the heart of darkness and beautifully guided the reader to the other side. Lisa's ability to take the reader on her journey of heartbreak and loss and show them the light that resides on the other side of pain is nothing short of transformative. This book is a light for the darkest of times and a true testament to human strength, courage, forgiveness, and love. What a beautiful read that I simply can't recommend enough. Thank you for sharing this gift with the world, Lisa!””


“Inspirational and Powerful”

“This book is a beautiful story that takes you through emotions of loss and frustration to confidence and hope. Even the writing structure acts as a guide that peacefully walks you through at a pace that feels perfect for the moments you experience. Highly recommend.”

-Jason K.

“A Journey to Possibility”

“Lisa writes with clarity and poignancy plunging into the nadir of her pain only to show by example the myriad of positive possibilities that present themselves as she claws her way back to peace. Her story is relatable to any and all of us on our own particular rollercoaster journey.”

- Pattie D.

“An intense but beautiful read!”

“Lisa really lays her story out on the table for all to see. Her writing is raw, real, and gives a glimmer of hope to those who are in dark situations. Using her story in this way helps so many others who are struggling. It is an effective management of your own precious time” 

- Hannah J.

“Angels help to illuminate truth”

“On her path forward, feeling alone and vulnerable, Lisa summoned her strength to move forward. Her truth exposed in the light of day yet all she saw was darkness. Her essence was lifted by healing energy from all things good; from helpers here on earth, from the divine, from the past, from the future, in silent sublimeness, and from her own intrinsic nature to rise and to shine, brighter than before. From her enlightenment she gathered many sequins all moving with her energy, with Illumination she casts light.”

- Francine J.

5-Minute Chaos Breakthrough

Clear your mind and expand your ability to rise above chaos. This audio meditation is designed to bring more awareness to your present moment allowing you to live life to the fullest.

Dr. Lisa Nezneski

Hello! I’m Lisa

Lisa Nezneski, B.S. Pharm.D., BCPS, is a leading authority in the field of Integrative Medicine, bringing the benefits of traditional medicine, meditation and alternative modalities in a well-rounded approach to health and healing. I lost my house, my 34 year marriage, I was not grounded, just chaos, - I questioned everything in my life, and I questioned way out of my situation. This clarity grounded me and simplified my plan of action to where I am now. Today, the Lisa you see (clarity of hindsight) calm, easily see when I’m going off track to bring myself, I now pay attention to my self care instead of pushing through to burnout, I rest when I feel overwhelmed, I say no more easily, Deeper relationship to self, rebuilding relationship to my children after my divorce, happy and joyful being me.

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