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"These Are the Questions You Should Ask to Start Your Mindfulness Journey"

“These questions serve as an introduction to being more mindful about your daily activities and figuring out what matters most to you in your life and making your life mirror your priorities rather than having someone else dictate it. It gives you a clear idea how to structure your life around priorities." -- Lisa Nezneski

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Simplify the Chaos
InYour Health Journey

Medication, Mindfulness and Miracles

Struggling to find words to express your symptoms. When you feel exhausted from managing your health. Let me help you be heard, bring more clarity, focus and peace of mind to your life.

5-Minute Chaos Breakthrough

Clear your mind and expand your ability to rise above chaos.This audio meditation is designed to bring more awareness to your present moment allowing you to live life to the fullest.

Chaos to Wellness

Imagine having crystal clear insight on how to express yourself and symptoms. I can cut through the confusion and help you pinpoint your specific problems in your own words.

Demystify Your Medication

Imagine your body without your pain or condition. Dare to think about how great it will be to get to the bottom or your issue.

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Simplify Your

Imagine being able to instantaneously interrupt stressful feelings with soothing breath techniques to relax and gain insight into what your body and mind are telling you.

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Deep Healing

Imagine getting fresh perspectives on your health even if a cure is not possible. Manage self-care and energy healing techniques that take you strengthen your intuition.

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I understand your need to simplify the chaos.

Take this “Discover your biggest health obstacle” quiz to see where you can get started.

"A healthy lifestyle begins with just a few small changes that come from being mindful in the moment."

-Dr. Lisa Nezneski

Get Grounded in Mindfulness

Bring Clarity, focus, and peace of mind to your life with these books.

Grounded in Chaos: Leaning into
Adversity, Learning Joy

This is my journey from turmoil to tranquility, despair to self-care, chaos to clarity.

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Seven Mindful Questions: Stop Wasting Time, Redirect Your Mind, Focus on What Matters

Seven Mindful Questions brings mindfulness to the stressed-out working professional who is juggling multiple priorities

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Praise for Dr. Lisa Nezneski

“Working with Lisa is an absolute treasure. She has the most grounding and welcoming energy. With her guidance and easy to follow meditations, I am able to get centered and present, allowing me to be in the best state of mind for both my professional and personal life. Listening to one of Lisa's meditations is my favorite way to prepare for the day and any upcoming business meetings. I know that after a meditation I will be able to conquer the day without limits, stress, or worry. Thanks to Lisa I am feeling a lightness, ease, and love for life. I couldn't recommend her enough”

Sarah S.
Wake Forest, NC

“I have worked with Lisa since 1997. She’s kind, extremely knowledgeable, professional, and explains everything in detail. If you need health advice or If you are taking medication and supplements, you need Lisa!”

Ruth B.
Pittsburgh, PA

“After a serious orthopedic injury, multiple surgeries, and chronic pain, I found relief through Lisa's expert advice. In particular, I had great success using Doterra's deep blue line internally, topically, and various aromatherapies. She also offered numerous tips to combat inflammation and reviewed numerous supplements and how they might act with my medications."

Pamela B.
Akron, OH

“Healing is a multifaceted process that beginswith mindfulness. Be here now.”

-Dr. Lisa Nezneski
Dr. Lisa Nezneski

Hello! I’m Lisa

Lisa Nezneski, B.S. Pharm.D., BCPS, is a leading authority in the field of Integrative Medicine, bringing the benefits of traditional medicine, meditation and alternative modalities in a well-rounded approach to health and healing. I lost my house, my 34 year marriage, I was not grounded, just chaos, - I questioned everything in my life, and I questioned way out of my situation. This clarity grounded me and simplified my plan of action to where I am now. Today, the Lisa you see (clarity of hindsight) calm, easily see when I’m going off track to bring myself, I now pay attention to my self care instead of pushing through to burnout, I rest when I feel overwhelmed, I say no more easily, Deeper relationship to self, rebuilding relationship to my children after my divorce, happy and joyful being me.

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