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Imagine getting fresh perspectives on your health even if a cure is not possible.

Dr. Lisa Nezneski

Manage self-care and energy healing techniques that take you strengthen your intuition.

No one can guarantee the miraculous, however once we put voice to your symptoms, we open the door to healing.

Healing can happen without a cure. Learn "How to Heal Yourself" during a half-day online retreat.

Get more in touch with your feelings and learn to balance your energy.

With focused awareness, a map and a guide you can make the changes that lead to better health.

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"Healing is a multifaceted process that begins with mindfulness. Be here now."

- Dr. Lisa Nezneski

Dr. Lisa Nezneski

Hello! I’m Lisa

Lisa Nezneski, B.S. Pharm.D., BCPS, is a leading authority in the field of Integrative Medicine, bringing the benefits of traditional medicine, meditation and alternative modalities in a well-rounded approach to health and healing. I lost my house, my 34 year marriage, I was not grounded, just chaos, - I questioned everything in my life, and I questioned way out of my situation. This clarity grounded me and simplified my plan of action to where I am now. Today, the Lisa you see (clarity of hindsight) calm, easily see when I’m going off track to bring myself, I now pay attention to my self care instead of pushing through to burnout, I rest when I feel overwhelmed, I say no more easily, Deeper relationship to self, rebuilding relationship to my children after my divorce, happy and joyful being me.

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Dr. Lisa Nezneski

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