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LIVE Guided Course with Dr. Lisa Nezneski Reveals:

How to Heal Yourself Using Your Own Energy

A 4-hour One Day Course Paving the Path to Freedom, Intuitive Clarity, and Positive Abundance

Feeling bogged down, clogged up, distracted and distressed in life?

Life is tough! Like all of us, you've suffered through your share of life’s difficulties. You've been beat up and worn down by painful relationships, work stress, financial troubles, health issues -- it just doesn't stop!

Unless we have the tools to process our emotions and pain, the stress accumulates and creates psychological and emotional baggage. This baggage sucks our energy, drags us into depression, and hijacks our purpose. And if it persists long enough we can develop physical illness.

This course gives you powerful tools and methods for clearing this energetic baggage so you can live a powerful, purposeful, and positive life.

You can heal yourself -- and I'm going to teach you how.

Clear Your Energy, Change Your Life

In this course I will teach you how to:

  • Ground and center yourself in just minutes so you can stay calm and balanced throughout your day.
  • Minimize distractions and get clarity by tuning into your intuition.
  • Release negative energies to radiate positive energy and become a more attractive person.
  • Cleanse your chakras, remove blockages, and free your energy so you can start living fully and vibrantly.
  • Move beyond your five senses and embrace your deep inner wisdom to make better decisions and unleash your personal power.

The course is being held as a four-hour morning retreat on Saturday, October 22nd, 2022 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm Eastern time. You will get a zoom link for the session when you register.


Are you ready to start living a powerful, purposeful, positive life?

Then How to Heal Yourself™ is for you!

In this live guided meditation course, you will discover how to speak to your subconscious mind and turn your pain into your power.

The course is being held as a 4-hour one-day morning retreat on Saturday, October 22nd from 8:00 am to 12:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Although "How to Heal Yourself" is fun and engaging, it also gives you the tools to deal with emotional issues, stories we tell ourselves, and cellular memories. Come prepared to learn and do the self-work required to heal.

What You Will Discover in This 4-Hour Live Course with Dr. Lisa Nezneski

This is the only time this course will be held this summer. The course runs for four hours, on Saturday October 22nd from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Eastern time.

In this course you will progressively learn techniques that build throughout the course:

  1. You will learn to ground as you practice in a safe and enjoyable environment.
  2. You will be in touch with your intuitive awareness and use it daily to reduce inner distractions.
  3. You’ll release pain, anger & frustration and fill back in with your own healthy energy. This can change your life!
  4. You’ll learn how to manage your energy system, how to clear your chakras, and sense your aura.   
  5. Learn to heal others.
  6. Take a step along the path to developing your psychic abilities, and expanding your intuition.
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Here's what you get when you enroll:
  • Lesson 1: Grounding & Gold Sun
  • Lesson 2: Running Energy & Permission Roses
  • Lesson 3: Center of Head Plus Aura Healings 
  • Lesson 4: Healing Master & Healings 
  • BONUS #1: Private Facebook Group 
  • BONUS #2: Exclusive Healing Mindfulness Challenges
  • BONUS #3: The NEW How to Heal Yourself Journal
  • BONUS #4: Lifetime Access to Recordings
  • BONUS #5: Exclusive One on One Coaching with Dr. Lisa
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If you take two How to Heal Yourself Meditation classes and decide this is not for you...that it doesn't increase your sense of wellbeing, your grounded connection with the Earth, your sense of self-compassion, or the ability to improve the energetics of your body with targeted techniques...then you will receive a full refund, no questions asked!

And remember: the regular price for this training is $197...but, when you act now, as one of the next 25 sign-ups, you get everything at the early-bird price for just $147 – that’s over 25% off! Enroll now before the price increases on October 17th.

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Private Facebook Group Access

Instant access to the How to Heal Yourself Private Facebook Group to get your questions answered, and join a like-minded community of aspiring meditators just like you!

($197 value)

Exclusive Healing Meditation Challenges

Hold yourself accountable to your meditation goals with Exclusive Mindfulness Weekly Challenges to enhance your practice and learning in your daily life.

($97 value)

The NEW How to Heal Yourself Journal

Get immediate access to the all new How to Heal Yourself Journal and track your healing journey! This journal was specifically designed to help you jot down tidbits of inspiration during the course, practice positive self-talk and change your outlook on life in just weeks.

($37 value)

Lifetime Access to Recordings

You will be granted Lifetime Access to all guided meditation recordings in the How to Heal Yourself course so that you can practice on-demand.

($297 value)

One on One Coaching

You will have the opportunity for an exclusive one-on-one private coaching session with Dr. Lisa. Most sessions require only 15 to 30 minutes! Dr. Lisa will tune into your energetics and see how she can assist while answering your questions.

The How to Heal Yourself Guarantee
We're behind you 100%!

While we've made every effort possible to create an amazing experience for our students based on a culmination of years of meditation practice and training, this course also comes with a money-back guarantee.

If you take the retreat and you decide this is not for you... that it doesn't increase your sense of wellbeing, your kindness with others,

If it doesn't improve your sense of compassion, or the ability to communicate with more clarity and focus... after the first two lessons, then you will receive a full refund, no questions asked!

All you need to do is reach out to [email protected] with your receipt and proof of your virtual attendance and we will send you a refund of your full purchase price.

And that's not all. I'm so confident in the guided meditations you're about to discover that you can keep your course access AND members access to the community.

It's our token of our appreciation for trusting us and for stepping out of your comfort zone to enhance your meditation practice!


I'm Dr. Lisa.

Dr. Lisa Nezneski is also known as the mindful pharmacist. She is a leading authority in the field of Integrative Medicine, bringing the benefits of traditional medicine, meditation, and alternative modalities in a well-rounded approach to health and healing. She also is the author of Seven Mindful Questions and Grounded in Chaos.

She survived several major life changes including losing her house, moving five times, divorcing, and a few major health challenges along the way. Through it all, she maintained her high level of performance at work using mindfulness and meditation.

Using the techniques in How to Heal Yourself to be in her body (not her head) was the key to healing her body. That's why she made this course specifically for aspiring healers like you!  

She is currently a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and a board-certified pharmacotherapist, professional healthcare consultant, Botanical Medicine specialist, Reiki Master, Intuitive, author, and speaker.

She started her professional career as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Duquesne University School of Pharmacy.

As a life-long student of the healing arts, she is a graduate of James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts in the Certificate of Spiritual Healing and an ordained minister from the Church of Inner Light seminary program in Boulder, Colorado.

Join Lisa in How to Heal Yourself this September 27th on this 6-Week LIVE course and discover the life-changing techniques of energy medicine this fall!

Questions? We Have Answers!
You may be asking yourself...
Enroll in "How to Heal Yourself" Now
Here's what you get when you join:
  • Lesson 1: Grounding & Gold Sun
  • Lesson 2: Running Energy & Protective Roses
  • Lesson 3: Space & Center of Head Plus Aura Healings
  • Lesson 4: Healing Master & Healings 
  • BONUS #1: Private Facebook Group 
  • BONUS #2: Exclusive Healing Challenges
  • BONUS #3: The NEW How to Heal Yourself Journal
  • BONUS #4: Lifetime Access to Recordings
  • BONUS #5: Exclusive One on One Coaching with Dr. Lisa
$197 $147