"I'm in the moment right now." Aaron Donald's Mindful Superbowl Minute

#hail2pitt Feb 15, 2022

What do Aaron Donald, the LA Rams player who sacked Joe Cool at the end of the game ensuring the Rams the Superbowl victory, and I have in common?

First, we both attended the University of Pittsburgh. And well, Hail to Pitt-- the blue and gold shall wave forever.  

Second, he wanted to win so his daughter could play in the confetti. What a cute thing to say! And secretly I was rooting for the Rams for just this reason, and that Matthew Stafford, the quarterback, had gone through so much hardship in Detroit. 

I so admire someone who sticks with it, works hard, and then achieves their dream, only to savor every single minute of the success. 

Third, Aaron shut that reporter down when she asked about retirement saying this:

"I'm just in the moment right now," he said. "I'm enjoying this with my family. I promised my daughter this when she was 5 years old, to play in the confetti ... so I'm just in the moment right now. I'm going to enjoy this with my teammates, my family and I'm just going to be in the moment and enjoy this today, for a couple days, how about that? It's a blessing."

For the third year in a row, I found this moment of Mindfulness at the Superbowl so refreshing. Why shouldn't he enjoy the victory? He earned it. So often, we are rushing off to the next thing instead of truly enjoying the moment. 

To fellow Pittsburgher, Aaron Donald, I say, "Well done. May we all have the presence of mind to savor the victories in our life."

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