Featuring Jodie Vee a Habit-Based Nutrition Coach - June 2022


I am pleased to feature Jodie Von Kamecke, known professionally as Jodie Vee, for the month of June.

Jodie is a habit-based nutritional coach. She moved on from the financial field to health, fitness, and nutrition as her passion for helping others grew.

As a habit-based nutritional coach, Jodie works with metabolic flexibility to work with our innate tendencies.

Our conversation ranges from how we unconsciously blunt feelings of hunger to the mindful awareness of how our bodies feel when we eat.

Jodie talks about setting micro-goals that are small achievable steps using the current resources that we have.

By the way, Jodie is a fitness body-builder and she can deadlift 195 pounds. Talk about a strong woman!

Find Jodie on her website www.agingstronglife.com and @jodievee7 on social media.

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From HR to Health Coach: A Healing Journey Featuring Vivana Collazo


This month, I am featuring my friend and colleague Viviana Collazo. Her stress from working an HR job led her to find a new path to better health. If you have ever been there — that's enough, I can't do this anymore — you will find her story so relatable.

We talk about getting to know one another through DoTerra, and Viviana's group The O.W.L.s. (Oils, Wellness, and Love). It's so uplifting when we connect with like-minded, proactive, health-oriented women. Along the way, Viviana shares her tips as a Health Coach, too. Starting from her Grandmother's yoga studio to becoming a Certified Oils Specialist, Mom, Business Owner, Viviana is an inspiration.

The Gift to Shift from The O.W.L.s is a "sampler" of goods and services in all aspects of health for one price! It would make a perfect Mother's Day Gift for the women in your life. Click here for more info

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Tossing and Turning? Insomnia is no joke! Top Tips to Fall Asleep


It never fails! I find myself really troubled by insomnia right around the full moon. Then I feel lousy during the day.

So last week was no different. And I gave myself grace to just do what I could without stressing out about not being able to do what I had scheduled.

I just recorded The Leadership Learns podcast with Peter Rabey from the X4 Group, where we spoke of the difficulties that leaders have with sleeplessness and how it can negatively impact daytime performance.

In this short video, I encourage you to listen to the details of each tip.

Sleeplessness is not a single problem. It really is three distinct problems:

  1. Falling Asleep
  2. Staying Asleep
  3. Early morning awakening

Tip #1:  Create an environment

If you are lying in bed for 20 minutes without falling asleep, just get up and do something. I usually clean something that I have been meaning to do, like sort the junk drawer.

Tip #2: Unplug from devices two hours before you want to fall asleep

Caffeine and other...

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My Top 5 Reasons to Learn to Meditate


Have you ever asked yourself why should I learn to meditate? ‍

Peter Raney, CEO of The X4 Group, asked me that very pointed question, "Lisa, why should I learn to meditate?" Peter is a high-power, hard-charging executive and has the podcast for leaders Leadership Learns Podcast. He is obviously juggling a lot of priorities.

After we finished our interview, I recorded this short video, where you can hear my top 5 reasons to learn to meditate (for skeptical, busy, Type-A personalities):

1.  You can be calmer

2.  You can be more focused

3. You can be aware of your life while it's happening and not lost in thought

This was truly magical, and happened to me twice at a Boz Scaggs concert. He's performing again in May, and I won't miss it.

4. You can be more connected to others in meaningful ways, and

5.  You bring into your awareness problems that you might be ignoring.

If you start with five minutes a day and make it a habit by blocking out the best time of the...

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A Tribute to Life and Teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh

This was not the post I intended to write today. Over the weekend, I learned that beloved Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh passed away, and I felt compelled to write this reflection.

My introduction to the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh was through his book, Peace is Every Step. I remember reading it during a particularly difficult part of my life in 2017. 

I think it was my very first book on Mindfulness and it launched a several year journey into my formal study culminating with my Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification in January of 2021. I'm re-reading it now, with fresh eyes.

There are two  profound quotes that I often refer to during my busy day. The first started me thinking about what is was that I was doing, which clearly lead me into the Seven Mindful Questions.

1.  "We have a tendency to think in terms of doing and not in terms of being. We think that when we are not doing anything, we are wasting our time.

But that is not true. Our time is first of all...

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Featured Practitioner for January 2022


Today I'm launching a new feature for 2022: Featured Practitioner of the Month.

Each month I'll be speaking with someone in my network that I love! You get to find out what they do and why they do it.

Sarah is a beam of light that shines in the darkness.

She is one of the "Reiki Girls" that I mention in Grounded in Chaos.

Listen to the interview and see why I love her so much!

You can find her at www.sarahsticklin.com where she has a free video series. I highly recommend you take advantage of it. You can also find her on Instagram @sarahsticklin where she posts the most amazing pictures.

Check out our interview and check out Sarah! 

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