Lisa Cerasoli of 529 Books, Featured for May

Uncategorized May 10, 2022

It's MAY! and that means that I am featuring my dear friend, and fabulous book editor, designer, and cover creator, Lisa Cerasoli.

For the last two years on May 4th, because May the fourth be with you, Lisa helped me launch, Grounded in Chaos and Seven Mindful Questions into the world. 

Her company is 529 books, a tribute to her parent's wedding anniversary. If you check out her books, you will know that she values family more than anything. It's a compelling story.

Lisa and I really enjoy each other's company and it shows during our interview. We laugh and poke fun, especially when she tells me I am one of the more picky authors.  

I hope you enjoy this interview as much, as we did!

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