Why take Vitamin D Despite Living in the Sunshine State? Everyone Needs It!

Vitamin D LOW!

When my Vitamin D level results showed that I was borderline low normal, I was shocked!  I get a lot of unintentional sun just by living in the Sunshine State. And that's one of the reasons, I moved here.

But in 2019, I had a little spot on my nose that would not heal. The dermatologist removed a skin cancer from my nose and from my upper back.  [All those summers as a kid at the Portage pool, in the time before sunscreen. And yes baby oil with iodine was quite popular.]

So the folly of my youth caught up with me, and now I am careful to use an SPF of at least 30, and usually 50. So yay sunscreen, oh no low Vitamin D.  It can happen.

Why I am concerned

Low Vitamin D can lead to:

  • Osteoporosis (every woman of a certain age should be concerned)
  • Cancer (who knew- especially GI cancers)
  • Depression (is it low sunlight or low Vitamin D?)
  • Susceptibility to viral illnesses like COVID
  • Death (honestly no one should die from lack of Vitamin D)

Foods that...

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