Tossing and Turning? Insomnia is no joke! Top Tips to Fall Asleep


It never fails! I find myself really troubled by insomnia right around the full moon. Then I feel lousy during the day.

So last week was no different. 🥮🌖🥱 And I gave myself grace to just do what I could without stressing out about not being able to do what I had scheduled.

I just recorded The Leadership Learns podcast with Peter Rabey from the X4 Group, where we spoke of the difficulties that leaders have with sleeplessness and how it can negatively impact daytime performance.

In this short video, I encourage you to listen to the details of each tip.

Sleeplessness is not a single problem. It really is three distinct problems:

  1. Falling Asleep 😴
  2. Staying Asleep 🥱
  3. Early morning awakening ⏰

Tip #1:  Create an environment ✔

If you are lying in bed for 20 minutes without falling asleep, just get up and do something. I usually clean something that I have been meaning to do, like sort the junk drawer.

Tip #2: Unplug from devices two hours before you want to fall asleep ✔

Caffeine and other stimulants may prevent you from falling asleep. I don't mention this in the video, but I would not drink a caffeinated beverage/food at least 5 hours before bedtime.  Because the half-life of caffeine is around 5 hours, for me, I have found that not drinking tea after lunch works best for me.

*half-life is the amount of time it takes for 50% of a substance to leave the body. 

Tip #3: Listen to a guided Mindfulness Meditation to breathe yourself to sleep ✔

You can check out my YouTube channel. Plus, there are a lot of great meditations on Insight Timer.

Tip #4: Supplements for Sleep or for Pain can really help you relax and go to sleep ✔

Teas and warm beverages are very soothing and calming before bed. I highly recommend one that you like that is decaffeinated. Sometimes I drink golden milk when my joints are particularly achy.


If you are interested in any of the supplements or products that I refer to, drop me an email at [email protected].

Please tell someone you know or someone you love to watch the  YouTube version.

I wish you a good night's rest. 😴🛌


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