MIndful Monday: Friday Options for LIVE Mindfulness Meditation Experiences

I'm very thankful that I began my mindfulness journey quite some time ago. My book, "Grounded in Chaos" is my journey through a major upheaval in my life and will be published on May 4th. I'll be reaching out to get launch team members soon. But the point is that I lived through the biggest challenge of my life and came out on the other side changed, different, better. Much better. While you are in the middle of it, you can't make sense of all the changes, but meditation helped me keep perspective.

These are indeed strange times. So many people are stepping up to help in the way that they can. Staying balanced and centered when the whole world is changing, literally, is a challenge. I accept that and I am compelled to help.

I'm throwing my hat in the ring to lead meditations, and I have options for you.

Here is the link to join me in learning to meditate every Friday in April, at 8:00 am eastern.

Log in here with Password: 979016

For the next three Fridays, I'm teaching a live intro to Mindfulness Meditation 101, at 8 am Eastern.  For thirty-minutes, we will do short meditations with breaks to gently.

If you want the benefits of meditation, but this Wednesday won't work for you, here is the link to three free 5-minute meditations:

5-minute meditations


If you are new to Mindfulness or new to meditation, there are options to learn from all the great meditation teachers right now. There are so many options that frankly, I am impressed and a bit overwhelmed by the plethora of choices.

I'm sticking with my personal practice and the classes that I'm teaching and the advanced classes that I am enrolled in.

For more advanced and in-depth learning, I am teaching online starting May 7th.  More to come on this.

Stay well, keep up your meditation practices, and be safe. Join me in staying connected and centered.




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