Mindful Monday: Text Messages that Remind Us Who We Are

It all started with a text message. Actually one from a girlfriend, and one from an acquaintance. My girlfriend reached out because she was feeling vulnerable, and I did the thing called "holding space" for her while she went through something difficult. Holding space is like saying a prayer for someone while picturing them safe and sound.

The texts from the acquaintance started off just fine until little by little I got to see what this person was all about. Let's just say that I kept adding to the bouquet of red flags until I decided that it was not in my best interest to continue the conversation. I began to really feel uncomfortable, and then there was a deal-breaker. Something that crossed the line of human decency. So I shut it down and stayed safe. I really wish this person well and I hope they get the help they need - just not from me.

I'm grateful for having trusted friends that reach out when they feel vulnerable. I have been there and I felt very alone. One of the last things I told my friend is that "You are never alone." She says, "That's a line from your book." And I knew she got it.  That's why I wrote, "Grounded in Chaos". If I can help one person through difficulty or vulnerability, it was all worth it. Get your copy here for 99 cents. Getting the message out is way more important than the money.

Even when we feel like we are going through life alone and isolated, that is an illusion. We really are all connected. Sometimes words aren't necessary. Just kind thoughts or a silent prayer. Because the magic of prayer is that it hits the target, without you "doing". Prayer is a clear example of being.

And I'm really glad I dodged that proverbial bullet.


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