Lovingkindness - Superbowl Style

If you like the truly American spectacle known as the SuperBowl, yesterday did not disappoint. Congratulations to Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs. Well done.

I personally watch the Superbowl for the commercials and this year did not disappoint. I was blown away by the New York Life Commercial #LoveTakesAction Click here to watch. This short commercial shows love in action, which is the definition of Lovingkindness.

I'm writing a presentation on Lovingkindness for my Mindfulness Meditation Teacher's Certification Program that I have to give in two weeks. The fourth type of love described in the commercial, Agape love, is the unconditional love for all living things. Lovingkindness is a feeling and an action. It's moving through life with love.

To practice Lovingkindness is typically done by entering a quiet state and repeating  phrases such as "May I be healthy, May I be healthy, May all living beings be healthy, May all living beings be healthy." It comes out of an...

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