Mindful Monday: A Tribute to Rush's Neil Peart

I’m really late with my blog today. I caused a flood in my upstairs bathroom and was sent a very disreputable plumber who broke two more things. I actually had a geyser in my side yard when he started using a shovel.

Oh Lord, it’s hard to be mindful when stuff goes sideways.  So no laundry done and no haus cleaning done. All my day off plans went awry. Something about mercury retrograde, for those who follow that.

Nevertheless, I have something really special to share today.  I was listening to the Army band tribute arrangement of “Time Stand Still” by Rush. Neil Peart recently passed away. The guy went through a lot in life and the last several years had a glioblastoma.

I remember how he dealt with tragedy when he lost his 19-year-old daughter in a car accident, and then 10 months later his wife died. He took off on his motorcycle and drove all the way from Canada to South America. (55,000 miles!) I’ve had my share of losses and my...

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