Five Questions to Ask When Prescribed a New Medication

Medications are a necessary lifesaving medical expense. To get the most for your money, there are five simple questions you can ask to make sure you have a full understanding of the new medication.

  1. WHY am I taking this? Understanding the purpose of the medication, in other words, the specific condition you have that the medication is supposed to help, goes a long way to helping you know your medication basics.
  2. HOW does this medication work? Having a general understanding of how the medication works can help you determine if the medication is working as it is intended or you are having side effects. Don’t settle for medical jargon. Have your prescriber explain it until you understand it. For example: if the medication is for high blood pressure, make sure you understand whether you might get dizzy when it starts working, making it better to take at bedtime.
  3. WHEN should I take this medication? Knowing the time of day to take your medication, with food or on an empty stomach can...
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